Meet the Xerox® Versant® 80.
It’s a unique combination of features and functionality that provides more benefits to your business than any other single investment.
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With one digital press—easy, accurate and automated—you’re making a future-proof investment in performance, quality, versatility and results. With the Xerox® Versant® 80 Press, your business is more capable—and more creative.
Interactive product demo: experience the Versant 80 at your pace.  View virtual demo
Sweet technology. Stunning results. And the speed you need to do more with less.
Media madness.
Modern marvel.
The future of print is a fast-moving and ever-changing target. The Xerox® Versant® 80 gives you the power and flexibility to define your place in it.
Performance. Packaged.
Trust our geeks to get it right. Backed by 75 years of tech and engineering innovation, the Xerox® Versant® 80 sets new standards for performance.
The Xerox® Versant® 80 Press is awesome, easy and automated too.
Define your future.
Meet the Xerox® Versant® 80.
All-in-one business builder.
Pixel perfect.
Future-proof your entire operation with the press that fits today’s needs—and tomorrow’s. Where do you want to go?
Heavier media won’t slow down the Xerox® Versant® 80, and its dozens of high-tech and high-performance features are so easy to use, they won’t slow you down either.
When it comes to this extraordinary press, there’s always plenty more to see and explore. Click here to visit Xerox® Versant® 80 Press online to find detailed information about feeding, finishing and server options, get pricing, download PDF materials or watch more videos and testimonials.
It’s not just about paper. The Xerox® Versant® 80 is crazy capable with a mind-boggling lineup of high-value applications—from envelopes to window clings, and everything in between.
Remember how your eyes popped when you saw HDTV for the first time? With four times the pixels of any printer in its class, you’ll get eye-popping results every time.
Experience the future of printing. Today.
Do more. Make more.
You’ll produce higher quality jobs faster, and on more media types than ever before. And with powerful automation for color management and image quality, you can bank on better output, less waste and higher profits.
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› Xerox® Versant® 80 Rapid Overview (1:00)
› Xerox® Versant® 80 Product Overview – More Performance, More Image Quality, More Versatility, and More Results (3:40)
› Brochure—Versant 80 (3.4 MB) 
› Customer Review: Cortland Press and Carbon Copy (2:54)
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Whether you’re looking to build your business, boost productivity or add quality and variety to your offerings, the Xerox® Versant® 80 Press is right for you.
› Xerox® Versant® 80 Product Tour (5:14)
› Brochure—Versant 80 (3.4 MB) 
› Launch the Build-Your-Own Tool
› Xerox® Versant® 80 Rapid Overview (1:00)
› Xerox® Versant® 80 Product Overview – More Performance, More Image Quality, More Versatility, and More Results (3:40)
› Customer Review: Cortland Press and Carbon Copy (2:54)
› View the Virtual Demo
Pixel perfect.
Our Xerox® EA Low Melt Dry Ink technology gives every application a smooth offset-like finish. Produced through an advanced engineering process, the exceptionally small, extremely consistent particles provide outstanding image quality and uniformity. And they’re environmentally friendly too.
When it comes to toner, tiny, uniform particles designed by big-brained engineers make all the difference.
› How to calibrate using an Inline Spectrophotometer (ILS) (2:13)
› Versant 80 Press–Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) Overview (1:27)
› Brochure–Automated Color Quality Suite (4 MB)
› Versant 80 Press with Ultra HD Resolution (2:23)
› Versant 80 Press with process controls for better image quality (0:57)
When it comes to image quality, it’s what’s on the page that counts. If you want to be known for the excellence of the work you produce, you can’t do better than the Versant® 80.
› Guide–A Designer's Guide to Ultra HD Resolution (3.7 MB)
› How to calibrate the Xerox® Versant 80 Press (1:25)
› Brochure–Automated Color Quality Suite (4 MB)
› Versant 80 Press with Ultra HD Resolution (2:23)
› Guide–A Designer's Guide to Ultra HD Resolution (3.7 MB)
› How to calibrate the Xerox® Versant 80 Press (1:25)
› How to calibrate using an Inline Spectrophotometer (ILS) (2:13)
› Versant 80 Press with process controls for better image quality (0:57)
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Pixel perfect.
Experts agree: No other digital press comes close to its detail and accuracy. All that, and it’s automated too.
Decades of Xerox image quality know-how converge in the Versant 80—with results you have to see to believe. 
Our Advanced Compact Belt Fuser assembly provides the uniform heat and pressure needed to fuse images onto a wide variety of stocks up to 350 gsm. 
With our Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA) toolset, Image-to-Media Alignment, Density Uniformity and Image Transfer setting adjustments are pushbutton simple and lightning fast.
Precision printing without the guesswork, downtime and service calls.
Color consistency—not catastrophe—from beginning to end.
Outstanding image quality, regardless of speed or media type.
Under the hood, process controls use internal sensors to monitor and adjust color consistency and color-to-color registration throughout a print run.  No operator involvement. No sweat.
Performance. Packaged.
When you add the optional Performance Package, you’re ready for anything—and everything—with even more automation, quality control and top production speeds, regardless of media.
With the Xerox® Versant® 80 Press, powerful performance comes standard.
With the Performance Package, you’ll maintain top speeds of 80 ppm on media up to 350 gsm.And you’ll gain color confidence with an inline spectrophotometer and our Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS).
350 gsm.
Performance. Packaged.
Print in color at blazing speeds.
Stunning Ultra HD Resolution delivers unprecedented, bar-setting detail.
The quality of output on your press is only as good as the RIP data it receives. The Xerox® Versant® 80 Press combines our 2400 x 2400 dpi imaging resolution with up to 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit rendering resolution (four times more pixels than the press standard).
Take the variability (and human error) out of the color equation.
With the powerful combination of our Automated Color Quality Suite and an inline spectrophotometer, the Versant® 80 Performance Package calibrates, creates and verifies color profiles automatically. Save time, increase color accuracy, reduce do-overs and populate the planet with color-happy customers—all at the touch of a button. No fancy training necessary.
› Brochure–Versant 80 (3.4 MB) 
Let the Versant® 80 and Xerox® digital print technology drive your business, delight your customers and build your bottom line.
› Versant 80–Performance Package (2:10)
› Xerox® Versant 80 Product Overview–More Performance, More Image Quality, More Versatility, and More Results (3:40)
› Brochure–Versant 80 (3.4 MB) 
› Xerox® Versant 80 Product Overview–More Performance, More Image Quality, More Versatility, and More Results (3:40)
› Versant 80–Performance Package (2:10)
Modern marvel.
› Xerox® Versant 80 Product Tour (5:14)
› Xerox® Versant 80 Rapid Overview (1:00)
› Xerox® Versant 80 Rapid Overview (1:00)
Our groundbreaking, market-leading technology will make every job you produce better. Faster.
We’ve taken high performance and “pushbutton simple” to a whole new level of wow.
With our Performance Package, faster truly is better.
There’s no need to sacrifice quality for speed. In fact, the same technologies that let you print faster, help you print better.•   Advanced Compact Belt Fuser provides the uniform heat and pressure needed to fuse images onto a wide variety of stocks up to 350 gsm.•   An integrated spectrophotometer in the paper path automates functions like calibration and destination profiling.•   Our Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS) is designed with built-in automation to deliver color accuracy, stability and repeatability.
Virtually every system is bursting with class-leading tech.
From our stunning image quality to the ease and simplicity of operation, the Versant® 80 is a marvel of ingenuity.•   Ultra HD Resolution–First-in-industry process that delivers 2400 x 2400 image resolution and 1200 x 1200 x 10-bit RIP•   Superior Fuser Technology for increased speed and accuracy•   Xerox Extensible Interface Platform® (EIP) allows a host of applications to run right from the control panel•   Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) for maximum uptime
The Versant 80 has a simplified paper path designed for maximum reliability when running heavier stocks, leaving no marks and reducing opportunities for misfeeds and jams–even when running envelopes, tab stock and drilled stock.
With a combination of exclusive Xerox® technologies and smart Xerox engineering, the Versant® 80 is ready to run with an incredible array of media and specialty substrates.
Media madness.
High-value applications are a breeze with the ability to run media weights from 52–256 gsm from any of the three standard paper trays, and up to 350 gsm from the OHCF or Bypass Tray.
Get creative with more media types, and more flexibility.
You’ll get the same performance–including all of the automated calibration and color consistency features–with the ability to run envelopes and special substrates like linen, poly, vinyl and magnet stock.
And we’re not just talking about paper.
High-value applications like calendars, window clings and magnets–along with the ability to print at top speeds on premium weight papers–will help you build your business.
› Brochure–Versant® 80 (3.4 MB) 
› Brochure–Versant® 80 (3.4 MB) 
powerful digital front ends–the Versant® 80 has all the right stuff for your business.
From feeder options to a full range of multipurpose and specialized finishers–and your choice of 
Define your future.
Start with the most advanced digital press in its class–and build from there.
For all its advanced features, powerful automation and industry firsts, the Versant® 80 has a relatively small footprint. But don’t let its size fool you.
Build your own, and bank on it.
No matter how you build it, the Versant® 80 delivers the highest possible image quality, unparalleled versatility, best-in-class performance and business results you can take to the bank.
› Brochure–Versant 80 Finishing (1.64 MB)
› Buyers Lab Synergy Report–Xerox® FreeFlow® Core Software and Versant 80 Press (PDF, 2.2 MB)
› Specifications–Versant 80 (600 KB)
› Specifications–Xerox® EX-i 80 Print Server Powered by Fiery® (550 KB)
› Specifications–Xerox® FreeFlow Versant 80 Print Server (600 KB)
The choice is yours. Explore all the options, or talk to your Xerox representative about how to build the best Versant 80 for your growing business.
› Specifications–Xerox® EX 80 Print Server Powered by Fiery® (600 KB)
› Specifications–Versant 80 (600 KB)
› Specifications–Xerox® FreeFlow Versant 80 Print Server (600 KB)
› Specifications–Xerox® EX 80 Print Server Powered by Fiery® (600 KB)
› Specifications–Xerox® EX-i 80 Print Server Powered by Fiery® (550 KB)
› Brochure–Versant 80 Finishing (1.64 MB)
All-in-one business builder.
It’s no time machine, but the Versant 80 can help you do more with the hours and resources you have.With less waste and down time, higher speeds and more job flexibility, you’ll be more competitive and able to turn high-quality, high-quantity jobs faster and more efficiently.
Work faster and smarter with less waste and more capabilities than ever before. That’s the value Versant® 80 brings to your business.
Take on short or long runs, on exciting new media types—faster and with effortless customer-pleasing quality that will earn loyalty and win new business.
Do More.
Produce more efficiently–and more effectively.
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Whether your business is print-for-pay or an in-plant operation, you can grow your business and your reputation for excellence with the Xerox® Versant® 80 Press.
› Xerox® Versant 80 Product Overview – More Performance, More Image Quality, More Versatility, and More Results (3:40)